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Love the DNN platform but are done with how long it takes to build your website page by page? DNN Configurator here to help with hassle­free website creation. It is the true optimization of DNN. It’s faster, reliable and easier to work with than the ​DNN platform

Leveraging the ​DotNetNuke​ ​ CMS​ platform, the DNN Configurator module is all about speed and efficiency. DNN Configurator enables you to set up your website pages within a matter of minutes rather than hours. Set up multiple pages and child pages from a single view and even import your page list along with HTML content via CSV format. Not only that, you can optimize all your pages for search engines in one go, rather than page by page.

There’s no technical expertise needed to use DNN Configurator. Whether you are a web developer, designer or a business user, this module can make quick work of getting your website set up at a small investment. Our user friendly interface makes it a breeze even for a DNN novice.

Still not sure how DNN Configurator can help you? Our customer’s glowing reviews will be all it takes for you to be on board! Click here to get DNN Configurator now.


  • Easily create up to 100 static pages at one go from a single view.
  • Add and edit a module’s content in a single view.
  • Add multiple HTML modules and place them on different panes within your web page.
  • Search pages to edit.
  • Move modules to different panes.
  • Duplicate multiple pages along with their properties.
  • Create multiple child pages for each page in a single view.
  • Delete pages in bulk.
  • An easy to use User Interface (UI).
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Create Page


Install DNN configurator on your DNN site



  1. Login to DNN your site
  2. Place module to a page
  3. To create pages and child pages click on Create Pages
DNN Configurator
Create Page

Creating Pages

Type page name, title, description, keywords, and select visible, skin for page.

  • Name Name of page display in menu
  • Title Title display in browser window title when page visited by user
  • Description Meta description for page
  • Keywords Keywords for SEO purpose
  • Visible Page includes in menu if selected “Yes”
  • Skin select skin to apply to page
  • Action
    1. Copy: Copy current row
    2. Copy Child: Create child page
    3. Delete: Delete current row
  • Buttons
    1. Save : Creates pages accordingly rows added to table
    2. Add Row : Add new blank row to table
    3. Delete All : Deletes all rows from table
    4. Upload csv : Shows panel to create pages by uploading csv file
    5. Download Template : Download a csv template for understanding format of csv file to upload and create bulk pages using csv
    6. Upload File : It brings browse window to select file
      1. Select csv file containing page information in same format like template
      2. Create Pages – Create pages button create pages with given settings
Create Page
Edit Page

Editing Existing Pages

You can search page which you want to edit by using search textbox.

AcgreenBtntions – Click on button under actions column for specific page, brings a window where you can change settings specific for page. You can change page name, title, description, keywords, visibility and skin for page of existing page.

  • Buttons
  1. Delete : Delete selected pages. Selecting parent page to delete deletes all its child pages.
    1. Click on Delete button which is at lower right corner of Edit Pages will delete selected pages.
    2. Previous : Navigate to previous records of table.
    3. Next : Navigate to more record if exist.
Edit Module
Add Module

Adding Modules

You can add module to selected page. Module can be placed in any placeholder available into selected page.

  • HTML Title Title for module, display on the page.
  • HTML Content HTML contents to show on page. HTML content placed on module.
  • Pane Select pane to place module. Ex – ContentPane, RightPane, LeftPane.
  • Action
    1. Copy: Copies current row
    2. Delete: Deletes current row
  • Buttons
    1. Save: Saves the modules with contents and modules will placed into specified pane and page
    2. Add Row: Add row button add a row in table
    3. Delete All: Deletes all rows from table
Add Module
Edit Module

Edit Modules

    Select a page from page drop-down, it lists all html modules from selected page.

  • Modules Title of modules to identity
  • Pane Pane name where module placed in selected page
  • Module Type Displays module type i.e. HTML Module
  • Actions Click on icon under Action column will brings a window, you can change properties of module
    1. Click on update button in window. It save changed information.
Edit Module

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What is DNN Configurator?

DNN configurator is a tool developed for the DotNetNuke or DNN platform which enables you to create your website in a fraction of time. With features such as adding multiple pages and modules from a single view, and even creating a website by uploading .csv based content data, you can have your website up and running within just a few minutes.

Why should I opt for DNN Configurator and not the conventional process of website making?

In DNN, the conventional process of website creation requires you to create a single page at a time. We know how valuable time can be. As DNN developers, we too have trod down this weary path. But to the rescue is DNN Configurator, that shaves down the time you spend on your website to mere minutes. Stop creating pages one at a time, unleash the true power of your CMS. DNN Configurator helps you work smart not hard. Our easy-to-follow instructions show you just how simple it can be.

How tech-savvy do I need to be to use DNN Configurator?

Don’t sweat it, you don’t have to be a tech-guru that’s well versed with DNN or programming to use DNN Configurator. Check out our screenshots and if you’re still stumped, contact us through our Contact us page and we’ll be happy to help.

What features are available in DNN Configurator?

  1. Easily create up to 100 static pages at one go from a single view.
  2. Add and edit a module’s content in a single view.
  3. Search pages to edit.
  4. Move modules to different panes.
  5. Duplicate multiple pages along with their properties.
  6. Create multiple child pages for each page in a single view.
  7. Delete pages in bulk.
  8. An easy to use User Interface (UI).

What is the vision behind developing this product?

Our team has worked with DNN for over 8 years now and have felt the pain of building a website one page at a time. We searched long and hard for a module that would help us shorten our website development time, but what was available didn’t quite do it for us. So we did what any DNN developer on a mission would do, we made one ourselves. Now that DNN Configurator has been tried and tested, we’re ready to share it with the DNN community. We hope that it gives you back some of your precious time, just like it did us.