Now build flashy websites instantly!

Looking to build and maintain a corporate wide intranet with nested structure running into 1000s of pages quickly? You don’t intend to invest in web development and yet looking to build a flashy website quickly? How to change content frequently running over multiple pages quickly? Newly appointed brand agency has suggested corporate wide look and theme changes and they have recommended corporate portal to carry this new look, no problem?

Next time you come across any of the situation, you don’t have worry at all. With DNN configurator, website development is as easy as working on office documents. What you see is what you get and this is again proved by this offering. You don’t need any special development or design skills to put up the show. Newly launched DNN configurator solves all your problems. Install DNN configurator and you are set of create myriad web pages with in fraction of time. You can create your pages (carrying look and feel) and store content in CSV files and add all web pages at 1 shot. At your comfort you can get the hosted pages reviewed and modify the content / look and feel on the fly. You save on time, cost and more importantly build and maintain quality websites.

So what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin and create a beautiful web from your bean bag. Try out our demo product and provide us your valuable feedback.