Top 8 Free DNN Themes or Skins for your Websites

Top 8 Free DNN Themes or Skins for your Websites    

DNN skins are actually themes of DNN which controls the look and feel and layout of a website created in DotNetNuke CMS tool. Majorly these skins are made up of HTML and CSS technologies to help you make a beautiful and easy to use the website for all of your purposes. However, the themes use technologies like Bootstrap for additional features like customization and responsiveness.

You may not be able to find too many free DNN skins or themes that you can actually use for your website. We have consolidated some of the amazing free DNN themes that are used by many businesses already. Let’s take a look -

  1. Tidy

    Tidy is a free state-of-the-art theme which is built using advanced technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. Some meta tags and few other codes have been baked into the DNN Source code to make Tidy. Therefore, you cannot say it is a complete HTML5 document. However, you can change the behavior of the skin from the XHTML which is the backbone, and it does not affect the functionality of the skin.

    Tidy is a responsive DNN theme and fit into any screen size or device type. This is a very lightweight theme and created with CSS. It takes only 1 KB PNG sprite for supporting the DNN social button. You can change the source code to make it as you wish as it was released under MIT license.
  2. HammerFlex

    It is a beautiful open source DotNetNuke theme with MIT license. It is powered by Bootstrap and its responsive design abilities. It has two containers, Main and Blank, It can handle Parent/Child Menu items with conditions like the Parent page should not have any content while creating a Menu item on the child page and few more.
    You cannot install this skin via Admin/Extensions page and can install this through Host/Extensions page. You can create a Bootstrap carousel through Carousel panel. The main issue with this theme is, you do not get free support for this. However, you can find support consultancy on the site.
  3. Green Theme

    Green theme is a free DNN skin that uses Bootstrap Framework. It contains two templates - Default Template and One Pane Template. The Default Template has two columns, one is Administrator and another one is blank.

    One Pane Template has only one column, the administrator template. It supports DNN 9.x.x and above. Green theme supports 2 level menu items. But if you need 3 level menu, you can anyway modify the skin.css file to create a menu level of your own. Ou also can add extra CSS to make your own version of the base template.
  4. Black2column

    Black2Column is a free and comparatively new DotNetNuke skin, which uses the features and facilities of Bootstrap Framework. It has a two column structure format. It is made for bloggers and especially for the one who loves minimalistic and simple theme for their blog. You can modify the skin.css and other source code as per your requirements as it is licensed under MIT license. This theme can be used for business purposes or for personal use as well.
  5. DnncMDesign responsive skin

    This is a very good, responsive, well designed and modern DNN theme. The most important part is, DnncMDesign skin is a free DNN skin. It has 4 skin layout and consists of 23 containers. It is a fully customizable and fully responsive theme which uses the features of Bootstrap. It adopts the stunning Google Material Design Pattern for t
    he ease of design and use. You even can use this theme as a tutorial to build your own DNN themes. You can choose from 100+ color options in this awesome free DNN theme.
  6. DnnMinimalist Responsive skin

    DNNMinimalist is another outstanding free DNN theme that can be used personally as well as business purposes. It also uses the Bootstrap for high responsiveness. It has 5 skin layout which is very good for lifestyle bloggers or e-commerce stores. It is built under MIT Opensource License. It offers Home Skin, Inner Skin, 404 Skin, Admin Skin, Modal skin. Modal skin is provided for the popups used for mobile devices. It contains 27 containers which can be used for customizing and formatting social media buttons. It is highly customizable and easy to use the theme.
  7. Dnn Booster

    DNN Booster is a free DNN theme. However, it is a pro version as well for more advanced features. It has a 4 skin layout with 37 containers in it. It is a fully responsive theme with the amazing flexbox functionality.

    It offers 18 color schemes, 10 page headers, 12 different social media buttons, 27 social network buttons for different social media and 15 separate list styling options. You can use this out of the box theme for blogs, businesses, stores, agencies and many more. It even can be used as a tutorial for building your own theme.
  8. DNN Contra

    This is one of the best DNN themes and most probably the first one to use the features of powerful Bootstrap 4. It offers 23+ different color options to choose from. 1000s of the color variables can be chosen from the DNN Contra skin options. It has 5 skin layouts - Home Skin, Inner Skin, 404 skin, Admin skin and Modal skin. It gives you the power of 27 containers so that you can make your site as per your requirements and style. It was released under the MIT open source license.


As free DNN Themes/Skins are too tough to find, we’ve collected the best choices for you. Create your website and enjoy the flexibility DNN gives.

If you want the DNN Developers to develop custom skins or module for your business or enterprise, contact DNNReady.


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