Why should developers consider DNN for their clients?

Why should developers consider DNN for their clients?    

DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open source CMS application designed especially for the Asp.Net framework. DNN has its origin from the IBuySpy web portal, first unveiled by Microsoft. The application is fully extensible and compatible with multiple platforms, enabling to use various using themes (skins) and packages (modules) and we are suggesting you to start providing DNN Development Services to your clients.

Inscribed in Asp.Net, the DNN content management system is now available in the version, 9.1.1. The sole purpose of the application is to create and maintain multiple web applications simultaneously. Nevertheless, its graphical design and layout are significant.

However, should ASP.NET developers consider DNN for their clients? Read on.

DNN - An Advanced Content Management System for Asp.Net Framework

A Short Backstory

The initial release of the platform dates back about six years ago before the current version of it has emerged. This shows that DNN encompasses a considerate history, in making it a significant one. Back then, only very few companies were planning to move forward from the already existing platform, especially when Microsoft was working hard on its Asp.Net vNext, which later became the Asp.Net Core.

However, the new platform was more challenging, as it kindled a radical departure from the prevailing system. Eventually, some users were even trapped in the traditional platform, without knowing how to move further. And that’s when the basic idea of DNN emerged, modernizing the entire Asp.Net framework.

Directionally, the emergence of DNN pulled the following goals along with it:

  • Enabling developers to use multiple frameworks
  • Saving the existing clients’ investments
  • Fetching extensive compatibility, to work on any platform

Considering DNN for Clients - The Key Benefits

DNN, with the ability to be effective and adaptable, provides smart CMS web solutions that really makes sense. The application focuses mainly on innovative and customized business side offering and solutions for all web and web-based requirements.

Apart from it, the platform also possesses advantages oriented to financial affairs and ease of development. Hence, as a developer considering DNN for their clients, definitively helps to meet multi-faceted business goals at highly competitive rates.

The following are some of the features that prove DNN is a comprehensively successful platform for the Asp.Net framework:

Customizable - As mentioned, DNN is an open source CMS. This characteristic, provide flexibility and the liberty to avail a central tech support. You can either design your custom DNN extension or choose from a dozen that already exists.

Adaptable - The structure of DNN supports this solution to stay extensible for quick and instant content managing. Of course, any features of the DNN can be interchanged or swapped out. This way, DNN, the prolific platform renders high performance and optimization.

Secured - The DotNetNuke platform has a strong confidentiality record base. It also undergoes various screening, by clients around the world, to ensure stringent privacy policy. So, when it comes to privacy and security - the application is tested and verified.

Scalable - Talking about scalability here, we refer to the myriad performance and range of capabilities, DNN offers. Here, an administrator can manage n number of websites at a time. Further, easy integrations with various web applications help you avail added features whenever needed. Thus, there is a thorough scalability.

What’s more Fancy about DNN?

Easy Install/Uninstall of Modules:

The application is entirely based on extensions. In fact, we can just add or remove the extensions we require, right away based on our requirements. For instance, you can probably go for a skin extension, when you want to change themes.

Cross-Platform Capabilities:

DNN enables to create more than one portal websites, simultaneously using common portal tools or the more specific one. Moreover, it is also very open for integration with various business applications.

Multi-Lingual Support:

DotNetNuke offers definitive localization, supporting multilingual features, with the multiple language modules. With this feature, you can create and manage web contents in multiple languages..

Easy Website Administration:

The framework is so simple that anyone can work with DNN. The best part of the DNN is it requires no coding knowledge to maneuver it. It would also be easier for your clients to re-develop and manage your website without being a techie.

Converting Core ASP.NET to DotNetNuke - The Needed Shift

DNN has a distributed module that provides a sufficient solution for your entire Web Content Management. It also allows you to handle any website with multiple layout options.

Moreover, the capability to sync with third-party apps helps in customizing the modular WCMS architecture. Hence, bug fixing becomes seamless and instant, as reframing them in GUI with JS support is possible.

Therefore, migrating from the traditional platforms to DNN is definitely a safer bet for ASP.NET developers.


In summary, the entire notions about the DNN merely skim the outermost layer of it. As you go through the steps, working with the DNN you will get to know more about this. This is all the true roles of the DNN, probably the best attributes. Therefore, rightly decide how you are going to create, validate and manage your website using the DNN platform.


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